GreenWay NetworkPress releasesWith take-over of IndigoTech, GreenWay Network expands its Polish offering to include sale and rental of charging stations

25 March 2019

First such business take-over of its kind in emerging Polish e-mobility market

Gdynia – GreenWay Polska, the leader of the Polish electromobility market in the provision of charging and station management services, has signed a contract with IndigoTech to take over its business in the sale and rental of charging stations for electric vehicles. The transaction encompasses all concluded and existing contracts with customers regarding the rental and servicing of charging stations. This is the first such business take-over on the emerging Polish electromobility market.

Since 2017 the company IndigoTech has dealt with the sale and lease of charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Poland. It has several dozen clients, including hotels, shopping centers, car dealers, and individual customers. Most of these devices are publicly available to users of electric vehicles, and some have already been included in the GreenWay network. As part of the transaction, GreenWay Polska acquired the assets of IndigoTech including charging stations, rights and obligations resulting from their ongoing contracts and the know-how of the rental model for offering charging stations and services.

“We are a leader in Poland in the field of offering fast charging services for electric vehicles. Our network currently has over 100 points,” said Rafał Czyżewski, CEO of GreenWay Polska. “Acquisition of IndigoTech is a step towards expanding our business to offering comprehensive solutions for our clients. We want to offer not only charging services, but also manage stations which belong to our customers and offer them chargers, also as rentals. Importantly, it is to be combined with comprehensive support including assembly, station management and servicing. In this way the acquisition of IndigoTech is part of our strategy and strengthens our position on the Polish market.”

GreenWay Polska and IndigoTech have cooperated in the field of electromobility since 2017. The companies have jointly implemented several projects, providing charging stations and management services for numerous clients. Last year, the companies created an innovative model of charging station invoicing involving the handling of chargers by GreenWay, which enabled, among other things, for the billing of charging services at these stations.

“From now on, our chargers will be part of the largest and most modern electric vehicle charging network in Poland. This is a great success for us, because it means that the business model we created proved to be attractive for such a large operator and leader of charging services as GreenWay,” said Damian Król, Vice President and co-founder of IndigoTech.  “Such consolidations are on the agenda in markets where electromobility has operated for a long time now, however, in Poland it is only the first takeover and at such an early stage of shaping the market.”



About the GreenWay Network

Comprising GreenWay Infrastructure (in Slovakia) and GreenWay Polska (in Poland) the GreenWay network is the largest and most advanced electric vehicle charging infrastructure network in Central and Eastern Europe, with over 150 of its own networked charging stations throughout Poland and Slovakia. The GreenWay network provides comprehensive coverage of both countries enabling seamless electric travel throughout and between them. GreenWay driving customers benefit from partnerships with many other chaging infrastructure companies, allowing them roaming opportunities throughout Europe.

In addition, GreenWay develops the network together with interested partners and can provide charging infrastructure management services, as well as the chargers themselves, at the request of other entities.

The mission of the GreenWay network is to popularize electric vehicle travel so that Central and Eastern Europe becomes cleaner, healthier and less dependent on oil.


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